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Past Presidents  

We honor those who have served the Sacramento Chapter so well.
1960's | 1970's | 1980's | 1990's | 2000's | 2010's | 

1968 William L. Shaw
1969 William L. Shaw
1970 William L. Shaw
1971 Richard E. Sweet
1972 Richard E. Sweet
1973 Calvin E. Chunn
1974 Melvin W. Gipe
1975 Robert G. Daniell, Jr.
1976 James B. Hoge
1977 Leroy W. Coffroth
1978 Harold E. Estep
1979 Harold E. Estep
1980 Charles A. Vencill
1981 Jonathan M. Cook
1982 Obsem G. Offutt
1983 Obsem G. Offutt
1984 Neil Ward Stanger
1985 Neil Ward Stanger
1986 Paul E. Pulliam
1987 Jonathan M. Cook
1988 Charles W. Bowles
1989 Charles W. Bowles
1990 Charles H. Highbaugh
1991 Charles H. Highbaugh
1992 Russel J. Callison
1993 Charles H. Highbaugh
1994 Charles H. Highbaugh
1995 Delwin W. Hanson
1996 Delwin W. Hanson
1997 Delwin W. Hanson
1998 Charles H. Highbaugh
1999 Charles H. Highbaugh
2000 Thomas Hobert Chilton, Jr.
2001 Thomas Hobert Chilton, Jr.
2002 Thomas Hobert Chilton, Jr.
2003 Mark D. Stevenson
2004 Thomas Hobert Chilton, Jr.
2005 Jim L.W. Faulkinbury
2006 Jim L.W. Faulkinbury
2007 Dart Wilson Winship, Jr.
2008 Dart Wilson Winship, Jr.
2009 James Jeffries Goodwin
2010 Donald Bruce Littlefield
2011 Donald Bruce Littlefield
2012 Thomas Hobert Chilton, Jr.
2013 Russell Charles Kaiser, Jr.
2014 Russell Charles Kaiser, Jr.
2015 Dennis Craig Anderson
2016 Dennis Craig Anderson
2017 Alan Brown Brooking
2017 Donald Bruce Littlefield
2018 Donald Bruce Littlefield
2019 James William Gunter II
2020 Delwin W. Hanson
2021 Michael Lee Hull
2022 Michael Lee Hull
2022 Russell Charles Kaiser
2023 Adam Walker Morrill

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Mail to: SAR Sacramento Chapter, P.O. Box 6664, Folsom, CA 95763-6664 or, eMail us at:
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