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Sacramento Chapter Patriot Ancestors

Patriot Ancestors

Surname Given Name State Qualifying Svc Patriot No.
Alderfer John PA Private / Patriotic Svc P-102162
Allison Gavin PA/VA Private P-102889
Allison John PA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-102904
Allred Sr Ellias NC Soldier P-334491
Alverson Elijah VA Private P-103132
Amesquita Juan Antonio SA SP Soldier P-103304
Anderson James VA Soldier P-103499
Anderson John VA Captain / Patriotic Svc P-103543
Anderson Patrick PA Captain / Patriotic Svc P-103605
Anderson Sr George NC Private P-103469
Andrew John GA Quartermaster P-329847
Andrews Ashbel NY Lieutenant P-103765
Andrews Elisha CT Private P-103809
Andrews Nathaniel Seymour NY Private P-328559
Andros Thomas CT Private P-103978
Arndt Jacob PA Patriotic Svc / Civil Svc P-104601
Arndt John PA Captain / Patriotic Svc P-104605
Arthur John VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-104862
Arthur John VA/PA Private P-104863
Ashley James MA Private P-104996
Avant Joseph GA Patriotic Svc P-105635
Babcock Thomas NY Patriotic Svc P-335265
Bailey Jr Richard MA/NH Sergeant / Civil Svc P-106809
Baker Leonard NC Patriotic Svc P-107247
Ballard Proctor VA Sergeant P-108007
Banister Seth MA Brigadier Major P-108249
Barnett James VA Private P-109298
Barr Robert PA Private P-109571
Bartholomew Henry PA Private / Patriotic Svc P-109992
Bartlett Susannah Davis VA Patriotic Svc P-332192
Bartlett Sr Harry VA Lieutenant P-333653
Beach Julius CT Private P-111261
Bedford Thomas VA Civil Svc / Patriotic Svc P-112115
Benighoff Philip Jacob PA Major P-341320
Benjamin Ebenezer NY Captain P-113121
Bickel Jacob PA Soldier P-332617
Bidwell Joseph P-114406
Binford Peter VA Patriotic Svc P-114813
Blain Alaim NJ Private P-115712
Blaisdell David MA Private / Patriotic Svc P-115830
Blankenship Isham VA Patriotic Svc P-116256
Blassingame William P-333145
Bomar John VA Private P-327770
Boone Daniel VA Colonel / Civil Svc / Patriotic Svc P-117647
Boone George VA Private P-117651
Bowdish Abraham CT Private P-118403
Bowdish Asa CT Private P-332317
Bowerman Ichabod/Icabod NY Patriotic Svc P-329139
Bowman Benjamin PA Private P-118718
Bowman Elisha CT Private P-331543
Boyer Jr John PA Private P-119069
Brady Hugh PA Private P-119819
Brand William NC Private P-338844
Breakenridge James VT Patriotic Svc P-120328
Brightman Henry MA Captain P-121197
Brouwer/Brewer/Brower Daniel PA Patriotic Svc P-122136
Browning Sr Edward MD Patriotic Svc P-123362
Bryant Arthur NC Patriotic Svc P-341717
Buck Daniel NY Major / Patriotic Svc P-124007
Bull Sr William VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-124578
Bunger Felta VA Patriotic Svc P-333272
Bunger John VA Private P-124797
Burk Joseph NC Militia P-125220
Burnet William NJ Surgeon General / Patriotic Svc P-125443
Burnham James CT Private P-125540
Busey Sr Matthew NC Patriotic Svc P-341861
Bushong John Johannes VA 1st Lieutenant P-126367
Cable Abraham PA Lieutenant Colonel / Civil Svc / Patriotic Svc P-127003
Cain James Augustus VA Scout / Soldier P-127195
Cain William NC Patriotic Svc P-127221
Calhoun Samuel NC Patriotic Svc P-127405
Candler William GA Colonel P-128144
Carey/Cary Levi CT Artificer P-128439
Casey Micajah NC Patriotic Svc P-341712
Cason John VA Private P-130110
Cassidy Patrick PA Private / Patriotic Svc P-130166
Chance Vinson NC Drummer P-131109
Chapman George PA Private P-131512
Chapman Throop MA Private / Patriotic Svc P-131642
Charter Jr John CT Soldier P-341321
Chase Josiah MA Private / Corporal / Sergeant P-131883
Chiles John VA Private P-341868
Chilton George VA Private P-132541
Chinn Perry VA Private P-327647
Chipman Barnabas Lathrop VT Private P-132559
Chipman Sr Amos VT Civil Svc P-132557
Choate Simeon MA Sergeant P-132670
Clark/Whitten Mrs Mary MA Patriotic Svc P-327827
Clore Sr John VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-134992
Coe Joseph MA Private P-135700
Cofer Thomas VA Patriotic Svc P-341718
Cofer/Coffer Josias VA Civil Svc P-332410
Cole Richard VA Private P-136231
Cole Jr Joseph VA Captain P-136305
Comingore/Comingo Henry PA Private P-137012
Cone Oliver CT Private P-137314
Cook Lemuel MA/CT Private P-138174
Coolidge John VT Private P-138338
Cooper Sr James NJ Private P-138527
Cormany/Karmany Michael VA Civil Svc P-138973
Cornwell/Cornwall Issac CT Private P-139101
Counsil John DE Patriotic Svc P-333268
Cowen William PA Lieutenant P-139786
Cox Moses NC Private P-140006
Cozine Cornelius PA Patriotic Svc P-341863
Cresap Sr Thomas MD Patriotic Svc P-141003
Crooke John VA Private P-141402
Culberhouse Thomas W. NC Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-142003
Culler Thomas VT Civil Svc P-328933
Cummings Sr Stephen VT Soldier P-341865
Davies/Davis Hezekiah PA Lieutenant / Patriotic Svc P-144274
Davis Andreas NY Private P-144331
Davis John MD Captain / Patriotic Svc P-341707
Davis Jonathan VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-144738
Davison Robert CT Seaman P-145178
Dawson Levi NC Lieutenant Colonel P-145271
Day Jeremiah NJ Private P-145346
DeMott Peter NJ Private P-330615
Dennis John VT Soldier P-341869
Detweiler Christian PA Private P-147325
Diehl Frederick PA Private P-148091
Dillard Jr James VA Captain P-148226
Dismukes Paul VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-148466
Divers John VA Lieutenant P-148504
Drake Thomas NJ Lieutenant / Patriotic Svc P-150238
Driesbach Martin PA Civil Svc P-150333
Driesbach/Dresbach Jacob PA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-150330
Dunbar Nehemiah MA Private P-151037
Duncan Sr Edmund NC Patriotic Svc P-327875
Dyar Elisha NC Private P-151987
Eaton Ebenezer MA Soldier P-152626
Eggleston Matthew VA Soldier / Cav P-153543
Erwin/Irwin Samuel VA Private P-155190
Espinosa Jose Joaquin Cayetano CA Soldier P-155234
Fairchild Nathaniel NY Major P-156184
Farnsworth Jr Reuben VT Soldier P-156569
Faulkner Benjamin VA Patriotic Svc P-341706
Faulkner Jacob VA Patriotic Svc P-341705
Feitner Henry PA Private P-157151
Fender John SC Private P-157334
Ferren/Ferrin Enos NH Private / Patriotic Svc P-250090
Ferris Reuben NY Lieutenant Colonel P-157707
Fine Vinett VA Patriotic Svc P-329548
Fisher Nicholas NC Patriotic Svc P-341708
Fithian Samuel NJ Civil Svc P-158953
Fleming William DE Soldier P-159290
Fletcher Joshua MA Sergeant / Patriotic Svc P-159375
Floyd William Anson NY Signer Declaration of Independence / Major General P-159700
Foster Jedediah MA Soldier / Civil Svc / Patriotic Svc P-160802
Franklin Ezra CT Private P-161599
Freeman Philip VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-161966
Frost Winthrop NH Lieutenant P-162622
Gage Thaddeus MA Private P-163443
Galford Thomas VA Sergeant P-163630
Gates Joshua CT Private P-164678
Gibler Jacob MD Patriotic Svc P-165664
Gilliam II James VA Ensign P-166415
Glidden Benjamin MA Private P-167036
Goodrich Solomon P CT Musician P-341704
Goodwin Peter VA Patriotic Svc P-328797
Goodwin Robert VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-168029
Gorham Sr Thomas VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-168315
Gould Timothy NJ Sergeant P-168612
Graves Joseph CT Quartermaster / Patriotic Svc P-331938
Graves Joseph VA Patriotic Svc P-169314
Greenleaf Israel MA Private P-170219
Gregory IV John CT Patriotic Svc P-333216
Gregory Sr Hezekiah CT Private P-170438
Griggs Stephen CT Ensign P-170880
Grimes Henry VA Civil Svc P-332504
Grinnell Daniel CT Soldier P-170990
Grossman Michael PA Private P-171295
Gulick Ferdinand NJ/VA Private P-171668
Gunn II Nathaniel MA 2nd Lieutenant / Civil Svc P-171773
Hancock Jr James NC Soldier P-174336
Hanes Benjamin VA Private P-174475
Harbison John VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-337636
Hardin William "Indian Bill" VA Private P-174915
Harding/Hardin Sr John VA Major / Patriotic Svc P-174888
Harmon Martin MA Private P-175356
Harris Thomas NJ Private P-176046
Hart John NJ Patriotic Svc P-176442
Hartline John George PA Private P-176602
Hass John Peter PA Private P-172013
Hathaway James VA Captain P-177500
Hawkins John NC Colonel P-177817
Hawks Thomas VA Private P-177903
Heck Andrew PA Private P-179043
Henning Conrad PA Artificer / Patriotic Svc P-179786
Henthorn Adam PA Private P-179991
Henthorn James PA Private P-179993
Herbert Thomas NJ Private P-180048
Herdon George NC Civil Svc P-341702
Herring Jacob NC Patriotic Svc P-341711
Herring Simon NC Patriotic Svc / Private P-341714
Hewey/Hughey William NJ Private P-180552
Hewitt Asa CT Private P-180569
Highbaugh George GA Soldier P-181143
Higuera Jose Manuel CA Soldier P-181197
Hill Thomas NC Private P-181615
Hite Joseph VA Lieutenant P-182372
Hoar/Hoard/Hord Edward NY Patriotic Svc P-182482
Hoard Samuel NY Private P-182507
Hodge John VA Private P-182729
Holbrook Mordecai VA Patriotic Svc P-328100
Holland James NC Private / Patriotic Svc P-183537
Hollis Sr James NC Captain P-330560
Holloway John NC Private P-183786
Hosa John DE Corporal P-185488
Hotchkiss Jr Henry CT Private / Patriot Svc P-185373
Hotchkiss Sr Henry CT Private / Patriotic Svc / Civil Svc P-185372
House Matthias VA Patriotic Svc P-330720
How/Howe Samuel NY Private P-341864
Howard Rev. Peter VA Private P-186150
Howe/How Zadock CT First Lieutenant P-186323
Howerton William VA Patriotic Svc P-186479
Hoyt Gideon NY Private / Patriotic Svc P-186670
Hoyt John CT Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-341866
Hubbard Thomas VA Major / Patriotic Svc P-186978
Huggard Jr James VA Patriotic Svc / Soldier P-327773
Hughart/Huggard Sr James VA Patriotic Svc P-327772
Humiston Joel CT Private P-187756
Hunsucker Johann NC Patriotic Svc P-335808
Huntley Sr Robert S NC Soldier P-188625
Hutchins Asa NH Private P-328657
Hutton William VA Private P-330540
Hyer Leonard VA Patriotic Svc P-189416
Jameson Thomas VA Sergeant P-224067
Jeffery/Jefferies Joseph VA Patriotic Svc / Soldier P-224294
Jeffrey/Jeffries Benjamin PA Ensign P-224322
Jeffries Henry VA Soldier P-333387
Jernigan David NC Patriotic Svc P-341709
Jett James VA Private P-224690
Johnston Benjamin VA Ensign P-225686
Jones John SC Private / Patriotic Svc P-226230
Jones Nathan CT Sergeant P-226400
Judd Elnathan CT Patriotic Svc P-227026
Judy Martin PA Private P-227157
Judy Sr Martin PA Private P-307526
Jump John PA Private P-227168
Justice William VA Patriotic Svc P-329561
Keeble William VA Soldier P-257873
Keller John/Johann Casper MD Captain / Patriotic Svc P-227841
Kenton Sr Simon VA Captain / Spy / Patriotic Svc P-259259
Kincannon Matthew VA Ensign P-328977
Kincheloe Daniel VA Patriotic Svc P-229820
King John VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-230032
Kinne Ezra CT Captain P-260802
Kirk James T VA Private P-260972
Kissinger Solomon VA Private P-331484
Knowlton Jr Stephen CT Private P-261943
Knox James MA Corporal / Sergeant P-261971
Koiner George Adam PA Patriotic Svc / Private P-135934
Lancaster Sr William NC Patriotic Svc P-341716
Landis John PA Private P-232724
Largent James VA Patriotic Svc P-233273
Larrison John PA Patriotic Svc P-341350
Law Nathaniel VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-233754
Leigh Joseph NJ Private / Patriotic Svc P-235200
Lentz Peter NC Soldier P-235463
Lentz Sebastian PA Captain / Patriotic Svc P-235464
Leverett Thomas Jefferson GA Private P-235794
Levering Enoch PA Private P-327648
Lewis Abel NY Sergeant P-235822
Lewis Augustus CT Private P-333215
Lewis William VA Private P-236201
Lewis William VA Major / Patriotic Svc P-236208
Lincoln Nathan CT Private P-236671
Lindsey William MA Private / Patriotic Svc P-236820
Littlefield Edmund MA Private / Patriotic Svc P-237299
Littlefield Edmund MA Private P-237302
Livesay George VA Private P-237404
Livesay Thomas VA Patriotic Svc P-329229
Long Christian Soldier P-237972
Lothrop Jr Daniel MA Lieutenant P-238688
Lugo Francisco Salvador CA Soldier P-239602
Lushbaugh Hamon PA Private P-239752
Lyday Andrew VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-329164
Macy Zaccheus MA Patriotic Svc P-240582
Martin Joseph VA Lieutenant Colonel / Patriotic Svc / Civil Svc P-242445
Mason John PA Major P-247453
Mason John VA Patriotic Svc P-242337
Massie Charles VA Sergeant / Patriotic Svc / Civil Svc P-242847
Mathewon Abraham RI Civil Svc P-242986
Matthews/Mathews Robert NH Private P-243146
McBrayer David PA Private P-240330
McClaughry Matthew NY Soldier P-341703
McGinley James PA Private P-246363
McIntyre William MA Private P-341768
McKitrick John PA Soldier P-343691
McManus Christopher NJ Sergeant P-246844
McPherran Andrew PA Private / Patriotic Svc P-245238
Meade William NC Private / Patriotic Svc P-247353
Meador/Meader Sr Joel VA Patriotic Svc P-247371
Means William PA Ensign P-327784
Meekins Richard MD Patriotic Svc P-331225
Merritt Archelaus VA Private P-248332
Mershon Andrew NJ Patriotic Svc P-248418
Mershon Cornelius VA Patriotic Svc P-341862
Messinger Sr Michael PA Patriotic Svc P-248543
Mickley John Martin PA Private P-248756
Miller George SC Private P-249207
Miller George SC Private / Patriotic Svc P-334028
Miller John PA Private P-341362
Minnis John PA/VA Private / Sergeant P-250229
Minor Garrett VA Major P-250272
Moore James VA Captain / Patriotic Svc P-251546
Moore Jonathan MA 2nd Lieutenant P-251647
Morris Bazil VA/PA Private P-336382
Morris George PA Private P-252478
Moses Daniel CT Private P-253264
Mulkins Jr John CT Private P-341867
Mullins Bud NC Soldier P-253908
Munson John NJ Colonel P-254165
Napier Ashford VA Ensign / Patriotic Svc P-254825
Napier Robert VA Patriotic Svc P-254833
Nester Johann F NC Private P-255459
Newell Sr Josiah MA Civil Svc P-255743
Newman Nimrod VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-255913
Nickell/Nicholas Isaac VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-256364
Nowlin Bryan VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-257294
Ogilvie Kimbrough NC Private P-262785
Opdycke/Updike Albert NJ Captain P-263286
Orvis Roger CT Private P-263521
Osuna Juan Ismerio de CA Soldier P-263827
Overbagh/Overbaugh Abraham NY Lieutenant P-263985
Padgett Frederick VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-264431
Parsons Eli MA Lieutenant P-338434
Patterson Thomas NH Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-266750
Pattison Sunderland MA Private P-266819
Pearce John GA Soldier P-328315
Pearsall Benjamin PA Soldier P-267313
Peck Simeon MA Private P-267755
Peele/Peelle Robert NC/VA Patriotic Svc P-267876
Peet Gideon CT Private P-267894
Pendell Jonathan NY Quartermaster Sergeant P-268071
Pepin Andrew NY Lieutenant P-268317
Perry Jr Abijah NH Private P-268780
Perry Jr Nathaniel MA Sergeant P-268920
Peter Casper PA Patriotic Svc P-269027
Phillips Elijah MA Private P-269797
Phillips Esquire CT Private P-269801
Phillips Jonathan CT Private P-269903
Pickens Robert SC Captain P-270158
Pickle Mathias NJ Private P-270226
Piece Stephen RI Captain P-270445
Pierce/Peirce Samuel CT Private P-270427
Pittman Sr Samuel NC Soldier P-271011
Plummer Jesse NH Patriotic Svc P-331914
Poage John VA Patriotic Svc P-341874
Pomeroy Sr Nathaniel CT Captain P-271631
Pool John Engle PA Patriotic Svc P-332753
Porter Andrew VA Patriotic Svc P-338757
Porter Nathaniel NJ Captain P-341876
Potter Daniel CT Corporal P-272418
Potter William RI Lieutenant P-272595
Pressnall Sr James NC Private P-327597
Pringle William PA Private P-273924
Purcell George VA Lieutenant P-274315
Quarles William VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-274714
Randolph Abraham NC Private P-275476
Ransdell Jr William VA Ensign / Patriotic Svc P-275656
Reaves William NC Patriotic Svc P-341713
Reed Alexander VA Patriotic Svc P-327652
Reid James VA 2nd Lieutenant P-277146
Reitmeyer/Rightmeyer Jurg/George Wilhelm/William NY Captain / Patriotic Svc P-277284
Rhea John VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-277752
Rhone Sr John PA Private P-277899
Rice Nathan MA Private P-278121
Rice Oliver MA Soldier P-278129
Rightmyer Conrad NY Private / Patriotic Svc P-279261
Robarts/Roberts John GA Soldier P-279673
Robbins Jacob MA Lieutenant P-279732
Robbins Solomon MA Private / Patriotic Svc P-279817
Robertson John VA Lieutenant P-280199
Robinson Daniel MA Private P-334392
Robinson Moses MA Patriotic Svc P-280730
Rogers Josiah Josias CT Private P-281214
Rosenberger Benjamin PA Private P-281859
Rozier Reuben NC Soldier P-282592
Ruble George VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-282605
Ruble John VA Private / Spy P-282607
Ruckstuhl George PA Private 2d Class P-328432
Rudy Daniel PA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-282726
Rusher Andrew VA Patriotic Svc P-339107
Rust Wallis MA Surgeon P-283352
Rutherford Griffith NC Brigadier General / Patriotic Svc P-283394
Rutherford John MD Private P-283404
Sailheimer Nicholas PA Private P-287018
Sanchez Jose Tadeo CA Spanish Soldier P-284229
Sargent Sr Winthrop MA Sergeant P-284662
Schoonmaker Jr Frederick NY Captain / Patriotic Svc P-285688
Schouten Daniel NY Soldier P-285713
Scott Sr Alexander VA Private P-285954
Scroggs Alexander PA Patriotic Svc P-286345
Sheffield Thomas RI Major P-288352
Shepherd/Shepard John PA Sergeant P-288670
Sherrill William NC Soldier / Civil Svc / Patriotic Svc P-289014
Siegel/Siegle Henry PA Private P-328641
Silverthorne William NJ Patriotic Svc P-332344
Simmons Aaron MD Private P-290037
Sims/Simms Pariss/Parish NC Soldier P-290410
Sivley/Sievely Jacob VA Private P-328816
Skaggs Sr James VA Soldier P-331206
Sloan John PA Captain P-291132
Smith John MA Private P-341726
Snow Jesse MA Private P-293755
Stafford Rowland NY Soldier P-295799
Stanford Thomas SC Private / Patriotic Svc P-295971
Stanton William NC Patriotic Svc P-340221
Stebbins Jr Joseph MA Captain P-296586
Stephens Ebenezer MA Lieutenant P-296923
Stephenson James NC Private P-297560
Stevens John VA Private P-335956
Stimson Stephen CT Patriotic Svc P-298180
Stives William NJ Private P-341359
Stone Spencer VA Private P-298743
Stuck John VA Private P-299947
Stull Christopher MD Captain / Patriotic Svc P-299981
Taylor Joseph MD Patriotic Svc P-330553
Terhune Nicholas NJ Captain P-303032
Testerman Thomas VA Soldier P-303215
Thissell John MA Soldier P-303503
Thompson Electius/Electious MD Private / Patriotic Svc P-304060
Thompson William MD Private P-304468
Tillman Tobias NC Private P-305210
Tolman Ruben MA Private P-305842
Tougas Joseph VA Patriotic Svc P-306197
Trowbridge Shubael NJ Private P-307285
True Dudley MA Private P-307368
Turk Thomas VA Patriotic Svc / Private P-307884
Turman Benjamin VA Patriotic Svc P-307894
Turpin Horatio VA Ensign / Pensioner P-308185
Twitchell Abel NH Private P-308422
Twitchell Stephen P-308447
Valenzuela Jose Manuel SP Soldier P-309080
Vallejo Ignacio Vicente Ferrer CA Patriotic Svc P-309100
Van Antwerp Sr Johannes/John NY Private P-309157
Van Arsdell/Van Arsdalen Cornelius Abraham NJ Lieutenant P-327573
Van Bibber John VA Captain P-331291
Van Bibber/Vanbebber Isaac VA Private P-309218
Verdon Mordecai PA Patriotic Svc P-328263
Walker Isaac MD Lieutenant P-312126
Walker Samuel NH Private / Patriotic Svc P-312364
Walker Sr Capt Samuel MA Private P-312489
Waterhouse John CT Captain P-341802
Waterman Charles Amra CT Private P-314319
Waterman John RI Lieutenant P-314345
Watkins James NC Patriotic Svc P-341710
Watts Stephen VA Captain P-314830
Webb William Crittenden VA Patriotic Svc P-315272
Weed Gilbert NY Private P-315589
Wells Randell RI Captain P-329691
Westbrook Stephen GA Lieutenant P-316839
Weygandt/Wygant Sr Cornelius PA Patriotic Svc P-317102
Wharton Zachariah VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-332353
Wheeler Peter NH Patriotic Svc P-317475
Whitaker John VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-340161
Whitaker Mark NC Private P-317833
Wilcoxson John VA Soldier / Patriotic Svc P-319904
Wilcoxson Sarah Boone VA Patriotic Svc P-341577
Wilkelow John NY Private P-331084
Willey John CT Captain P-320496
Wilson James PA Patriotic Svc P-321808
Winchell Daniel NY Private P-322320
Winfield/Wingfield John VA Private / Patriotic Svc P-322508
Wolfe George Wendell PA Private P-323288
Wood Holland MA Sergeant P-323521
Woodruff Hawkins CT Private P-328058
Wooldridge Daniel VA Private P-324556
Wright Charles VT Patriotic Svc P-328502
Yeomans Daniel CT Private P-341721
Zimmerman John VA Patriotic Svc P-330533

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